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would you be interested in a ‘retainer package’ that also gives you access to legal advice for employment law / HR queries?

Clients are increasingly looking to their professional advisers to provide a “one stop shop” for H&S and employment law / HR queries. They want to have a single point of contact to go to with queries; and receive a clear answer to their questions.

As a provider of H&S services, we are looking to make sure we offer enhanced services to our clients.  We consider that it would be beneficial to have links with an employment law provider with whom we could work closely to provide our clients with the advice they require.

We have partnered with a suitable employment law provider, Turner Parkinson Solicitors. They have a team of qualified solicitors specialising in employment law / HR.


“Don’t organize for any other purpose than mutual benefit to the employer and the employee.”

-Mark Hanna

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