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Health and Safety 'Health Check'

This Health Check is designed to provide you with a ‘Free’ report giving you an indication of how effective your approach to health and safety management is, comparing your responses to a recognised management system. It also compares your current status with legal compliance and best practice and gives you recommendations for areas for improvement.
The responses provide an “indication” only of compliance and current performance. It should not be used as a formal audit and expert advice should be sought to more comprehensively confirm your position and the actions you should take.
Once you have completed the form below, by entering your details and clicking submit, you will be emailed your ‘Free’ report immediately, providing you with information on your current status, with recommendations for further improvement.
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Health and Safety Health Check

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5 Your Details
  • How many employees (including full and part time) do you currently employ?
  • These questions are all on Section 1.
  • Do you operate a formal health & safety management system? (eg. HSG65 or ISO45001)
  • Do you have a Health & Safety Policy Statement document which is relative to your current working practices & activities?
  • Does your organisation have access to competent Health & Safety advice? (Someone qualified/experienced within the organisation, or an external consultant)
  • Does your company have a current Employers Liability Insurance Certificate for a minimum of £5 million?
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