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Looking to improve your knowledge of health and safety?

Look no further than the Nebosh General certificate course.


The NEBOSH national general certificate course is one of the UK’s most popular health and safety courses with over 160,000 individuals gaining certification since the programme’s release.

If you have any management responsibilities, the NEBOSH Certificate will equip you with the knowledge and skills to ensure you meet your health & safety, environmental and risk management requirements in any place of work in both the private and public sectors. This course is designed to give you an excellent understanding of the necessary elements of occupational health and safety. The NEBOSH course is perfect for candidates who want to become an outstanding asset to their potential employer or present company.  Additionally, it is a must-have qualification if you want to start a long and fruitful career in health and safety.


NEBOSH training courses are globally recognised by huge professional membership bodies including the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and Associate Membership (AIIRSM). One unique aspect to the NEBSOH course is that you can add a specialised unit to your training. If you are looking to gain specific knowledge in either the construction industry or fire safety NEBOSH offers an extension to the general certificate course to cover these areas.

The course provides a solid foundation in health and safety, covering 13 modules comprising.

NGC1 – Management of Health & Safety

  • Element 1 – Foundations in Health & Safety
  • Element 2 – Health & Safety Management Systems 1 – PLAN
  • Element 3 – Health & Safety Management Systems 2 – DO
  • Element 4 – Health & Safety Management Systems 3 – CHECK
  • Element 5 – Health & Safety Management Systems 4 – ACT

GC2 – Controlling Workplace Hazards

  • Element 1 – Workplace Hazards and control
  • Element 2 – Transport Hazards and control
  • Element 3 – Musculoskeletal Handling
  • Element 4 – Work Equipment Hazards and control
  • Element 5 – Electricity Safety
  • Element 6 – Fire Safety
  • Element 7 – Chemical and Biological Hazards and control
  • Element 8 – Physical and Psychological Health Hazards and control

The first week of the course will start on the 29/04/2019 and finish on the 03/05/2019 this week will cover all elements of NGC1

The second week of the course will start on the 13/05/2019 and finish on the 17/05/2019 this week will cover all elements of NGC2

If you are interested in sitting the construction modules (NCC) this is also available

The exams will take place on the 24/05/2019.

If you have any questions or to book your place on the course please call 01942 318043 or email